Examples of Resumes That Work

I previously posted about how to write a really effective resume, but there’s nothing quite like seeing actual resumes that work. Take a look at the resume examples below and pay attention to the formatting, data points, and writing style used within each. In doing so, you’ll notice a few elements that stand out from other resumes you’ve seen.

  1. An executive summary that briefly highlights the accomplishments and competencies detailed within the resume.
  2. Centered section headers that draw the reader’s eye into the middle of the resume.
  3. A brief summary of each job held and then bullet points that detail the accomplishments each person made in that particular role.
  4. Data that adds credibility to the bullet points within the work experience section and that is strategically placed along the left side of the resume, so that when a reader skims the resume, the data is hard to miss.

Use the resume examples below to guide you as you write your resume.


If the information shared here is helpful, take a look at the brief, “how to” guide I created – you’ll definitely gain more insight into what employers are looking for from job applicants and how to make your resume more attractive.