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Write a Memorable Cover Letter
The point of a cover letter A cover letter is intended to give you the opportunity to showcase a bit of your personality and your genuine desire to do the job defined in the job posting. The key to discovering how to write a cover letter is to think about […]

Writing a Memorable Cover Letter

Resume Examples - Area Manager Thumbnail
I previously posted about how to write a really effective resume, but there’s nothing quite like seeing actual resumes that work. Take a look at the resume examples below and pay attention to the formatting, data points, and writing style used within each. In doing so, you’ll notice a few elements that […]

Examples of Resumes That Work

Here’s the brutal truth about resumes: employers often receive over a hundred resumes in response to a single job posting most companies use an applicant tracking system to filter out resumes that don’t match the key words and phrases detailed in the job posting even if your resume makes it past all […]

Resume Appearances Matter

New Job: Deciding if the Opportunity is Right For You
New Job? Deciding if the Opportunity is Right For You Accepting a new job can be unnerving, especially when that new job is with a new employer. Think back to when you accepted your last job. Maybe it was a couple of months ago, maybe several years. Remember that feeling? The […]

Breaking Bad Career Moves