My name is Alex Mooney and I am a human resources professional. I’ve worked in HR for over a decade and at recognizable companies such as Amazon, Samsung, and Sprint.

I started working when I was about 14 years old. Through the years, I’ve been a babysitter, lawn mower, lifeguard, ranch hand, call center rep, retail associate, photographer, pizza delivery driver, insurance salesperson, and I even attempted door-to-door sales for awhile.

Of all the jobs and career paths I’ve had, Human Resources is what I find most enjoyable; HR is where I am able to help others the most.

I have have devoted my professional life to helping others achieve in their careers. From new hire to promotion to finding a new employer, I help people throughout their employment life cycle.

I’m branching out from my day job to help others outside of my employer. This blog is where I share my thoughts on the topics that frequently arise in my line of work. Stick around and you’re likely to find information that will help you with your career.




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